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 The Forgotten will be released through Crooked Cat Books on June 13th.

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  • BABY LIES, CHRIS COLLET - BABY LIES by CHRIS COLLETT Do you love gripping mysteries with great characters? Discover Detective Tom Mariner in this critically acclaimed series. ‘Collett is a wonderful writer, subtle, clever, strong on atmosphere and character.’ Yorkshire Post Six-week-old baby Jessica is abducted from a local nursery. And Detective Tom Mariner realises he’s not going to get... Continue Reading →
  • Stalker: WPC Mavis Hart, Cover Wars winner. - My short story collection available from Amazon was voted Authors Shout – Cover Wars Book of the Week on 11th March 2018.  Thank you to everyone who voted for Stalker in this competition, I really do appreciate the support. Each week twenty covers are nominated and readers can vote for their favourite. The cover with the... Continue Reading →
  • A Cold Retreat, Jim Ody - Cold retreat  As a child, Penny dreams of being a princess. She knows life isn’t exactly like fairytales, but she hopes it can be similar. The future isn’t so kind to Penny. The princes in her reality turn out to be evil. Battered and bruised she hits rock bottom. Jim Ody Jim was first published... Continue Reading →
  • Joan’s Low-Pressure Sales Pitch - My Low-Pressure Sales Pitch I’ve been thinking of ways to tell readers nicely how happy it would make me if they pre-ordered my brand new mystery, Chasing the Case. So, here goes. Pre-order, you say? This is how it works: you tell Amazon ahead of time you want to buy the Kindle version of the... Continue Reading →

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