Although I’ve always had a passion for writing, not many people know I also struggle with dyslexia. So, I’m continually on the lookout for new methods or software to help me get my manuscripts up to the level they need to be. These are the things I use to assist my writing:

  1. Create your own list of the words you get stuck on. (Personally, mine are passed/past and through/threw)
  1. I use Read & Write Gold. It’s a great piece of software that reads my works aloud. It’s great for spotting grammatical errors or missing words. You can change the voice and accent that it uses, and you can use it in your web browser too, or on your tablet. If you don’t want to pay for this feature, Microsoft Windows also has a free built-in reader which can be used with Word, but I think R&W Gold is slicker. – there is a free trial of the software from the website.
  1. Grammarly, great for picking up some of the words I mentioned earlier, as well as some stray commas. There is a premium version and a free version online with an email add-on. – I’ve only used the free version but it’s proved very useful.
  1. PerfectIt 3 – Great for consistency in a document. It will pick up on things such as missing speech marks or different fonts. – They have a free trial available which is what I’ve been using.
  1. The British Dyslexia Association website at has some great articles and resources for dyslexia support. They also have a shop with dyslexia friendly books and learning aids for children.
  1. There are also some great resources for dyslexics on the Dyslexia Scotland website at

Having dyslexia and writing can be a challenge for me at times but there are lots of different things you can try yourself if you are struggling. Most importantly I’m proud of being dyslexic and I think I’m more creative because of it.

I’ll update this post with more software as I try them out.  Let me know if there is any more information that you would like to see on this blog.