I will be combining yoga practice with creative writing at the Yoga and Writing Edinburgh retreat on 28th April.  I’ve been  given a place on this retreat, so that I can blog about the experience, and I can’t wait! This is the first time that I’ve thought about combining yoga and writing, so I’m looking forward to trying this and I’m hoping that it will open up a whole new way of working for me and even generate some new ideas.

At the retreat, there will be guided yoga and writing exercises in relaxing surroundings. You can find out more about it here: http://aurorawritersretreats.com/yoga-writing-beltane-retreat/  The retreat is run by Yoga teacher Vanessa Rigby and author Noelle Harrison 

Yoga is great for the mind, concentration and focus.  I practiced yoga, a few years back and I found it a wonderful way to switch off from stress and reset my mind and body.  I’d feel calm and restored afterwards. I also found it was a great way of releasing the aches and pains that come with sitting at a keyboard all day.

I’m in the early stages of drafting my third novel and I’m looking forward to the inner reflection and yoga practice to see how it will affect my creativity. After months of tight deadlines and editing, a day to relax and refocus my energy is exactly what I need. I’m also looking forward to meeting other like-minded people and I’ll post an update shortly.