A Mind Polluted, Martin Geraghty


About the Book

His world falls apart…
Triggered by overhearing a confession from his mother’s lips when he was a young boy, Connor Boyd carries the burden of the secret through his life.
Is falling in love his saviour? Or will he embark on a journey down a self-destructive path which ultimately leads to his version of justice?
Will he concentrate on his future, or be consumed by his past?


About the author

Martin Geraghty is a forty-five-year-old from Glasgow. He is a self-employed Private Investigator who claims his profession is not remotely as interesting as it may seem. Human beings and how they react to the various curveballs that life throws at them is generally what inspires him to write. He has had work published in various litzines including Razur Cuts and Glove. When not writing or playing amateur detective, he can be found on a golf course or indulging in his chief passions, food, wine and music. A Mind Polluted is his debut novel. http://www.martingeraghty.co.uk


My Review

This is one of those rare books that captures your attention from the first page and doesn’t let go.  Martin and I are both published through Crooked Cat Books which is how I managed to find this gem and I’m glad I did.  It’s a well-rounded Scottish social commentary and Geraghty does a wonderful job of presenting his main protagonist, Connor Boyd. Almost immediately I wanted to know what would happen to Connor and could visualise the flat he lived in on a Glasgow scheme and his school. The novel is written in the first person but it doesn’t feel claustrophobic or repetitive.

The novel is well balanced and we follow Connor on a provoking up and down journey with some laughs along the way and there’s a great twist at the end.

The only thing I would’ve liked to see more of would be stronger Scottish dialogue.  If you’re a fan of Irvine Welsh. I think you’ll like A Mind Polluted.

This is Geraghty’s first novel and I’m looking forward to his next novel.  High recommend. Five Stars.  * * * * *