Dortmund Hibernate


Psychologist Dr Magnus Paul is tasked with the patients of Dortmund Asylum – nine criminally insane souls hidden from the world due to the extremity of their acts.

Magnus has six weeks to prove them sane for transfer to a maximum-security prison, or label them as incurable and recommend a death sentence under a new government act.

As Magnus delves into the darkness of the incarcerated minds, his own sanity is challenged. Secrets squeeze through the cracks of the asylum, blurring the line between reality and nightmare, urging Magnus towards a new life of crime…

The rural western town of Dortmund and its inhabitants are the backdrop to the mayhem on the hill.

It’s Silence of the Lambs meets Shutter Island in this tale of loss, fear and diminishing hope.

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C.J. Sutton is a writer based in Melbourne, Australia. He holds a Master of Communication with majors in journalism and creative writing, and supports the value of study through correspondence. His fictional writing delves into the unpredictability of the human mind and the fears that drive us.

As a professional writer C.J. Sutton has worked within the hustle and bustle of newsrooms, the competitive offices of advertising and the trenches of marketing. But his interest in creating new characters and worlds has seen a move into fiction, which has always pleaded for complete attention. Dortmund Hibernate is his debut novel.

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My Review

I’ve been looking for different books to read recently so jumped at the chance to review newly released psychological thriller Dortmund Hibernate.  This book is published by the same publisher as my debut novel, so I was very intrigued by it and it sounded exactly like something I’d enjoy. The tagline of the book is ‘It’s Silence of the Lambs meets Shutter Island in this tale of loss, fear and diminishing hope.’ This is Sutton’s debut novel and I was very surprised by this as it read like it was written by an experienced author and it is confidently written throughout.

This novel hooks the reader from the first page with one of the best openings I’ve read: ‘Dark work, reporting on the minds of the condemned.’ This novel feels very well paced throughout and I found it easier to read a few chapters at a time then come back to it and it’s the kind of book you’ll think about long after you’ve finished it.  The chapters are also quite short which I think works well for this kind of novel. Sutton effectively deals with a lot of violence, dark and raw subject matter, that I felt this was a book I needed to take my time with.  I think it would make perfect reading group material. Sutton’s characterization is excellent throughout and each of his characters gets under your skin.  I did feel at times that his writing was reminiscent of Stephen King and Glen Chandler’s stage play, Killers. I enjoyed the fact that were introduced to each inmate individually and we hear their story with a unique voice that brings each character to life an each had their own unique voice when they tell their story to Dr Magnus Paul who has the unenviable task of deciding if they should die or sent them to a maximum-security prison.  I could definitely see this novel working as a stage play or a film. I can’t wait to read more from this author. If you are looking for an original psychological thriller and enjoyed Shutter Island, I think you will love this.